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Fidelity Investments

Securities Lending applications
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Screenshot of Fidelity work

J.P. Morgan

Private Banking applications
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Screenshots of J.P. Morgan work

Ivy Asset Management LLC

Business management applications for an alternative investment company
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Ivy Asset Management screenshots

Deutsche Bank

Equity Research distribution management system
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Bank of America

Risk Management Technology applications
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Equity Research screenshots Bank of America screenshots


Credit Risk Management screenshot Credit Risk Management

Industry portal for credit risk analysts
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Policies & Procedures screenshot Policies & Procedures

Interface redesign for content management system
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DB Capital Partners screenshot DB Capital Partners

Venture Capital Group
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Germany Funds screenshot Germany Funds

Deutsche Bank Mutual Fund
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Civic Research Institute screenshot Civic Research Institute

Publications for criminal justice, social services, tax, and health professionals
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Gewirtz Graphcs screenshot Gewirtz Graphics

Marketing & design company
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Archival Film Research screenshot Archival Film Research

Film, television, and photo research
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Time Inc. screenshot Time Inc.

Time Magazine Advertising Sales
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Patient2Patient screenshot Patient2Patient

On-line Health information
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Wilke-Rodriguez screenshot Wilke-Rodriguez

Men's Fashion Design Company
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IPNTA screenshot IPNTA

Tenants association
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Brooklyn Bird Club screenshot Brooklyn Bird Club

Community bird club
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