Lori Mogol User Interface Design • Information Architecture • Web Design
Lori Mogol  •  Tel: 917-763-5997  •  Email: lori.mogol@mindspring.com
Effective user interface design and information architecture
  • Employs a clear definition of the goals and purposes
  • Balances the needs of users, stakeholders, and system capabilities
  • Builds on existing knowledge and assists learning
  • Provides a logical progression of functions and screens
integrates a broad range
of experience

In the initial project stages, I have been involved in requirements gathering and specification, as well as creating wireframes, design mockups, and prototypes.

During implementation, my roles have included screen and interaction design, structuring navigation, writing content, and collaborating with developers.

Throughout the process, communication is key, and I am able to effectively interact with users, clients, and multi-disciplinary teams.

For more information

See the portfolio for descriptions and samples. A resume is available for download in word or pdf format.


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